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10 June 2011 @ 07:23 pm
If you were given the opportunity to spend two weeks in any country in the world free of charge, which country would you choose, and why?

I would go to England. I would go to England because I am like 50% or more british, it will be nice to see where my ancesters came from.....
08 June 2011 @ 07:46 pm
Is there anything you did when you were younger that makes you laugh or blush when you remember it?

There is actually 2 things that makes me laugh AND blush.

1) My dad always insists on telling this story whenever he can. When I was like 5 and my sister was 11, we had only lived in Cali for an year and it was spring almost summer where the bees were out. Our mom is badly allergic to bees, and my dad, being his stupid self and remember these gene run through my blood, decided to spray the bee nest that was above our front door. Unforunately, a bee got into the house and stung out mom, my dad rushed our mom to the hospital leaving my sister in charge. We were sitting in the living room watching the television when we heard a 'Buzzzz....,' we knew instantly it was the bee. We grabbed our pet birds and ran back to my sisters room closing the door behind us and put shirts under the door so it couldn't fly through the cracks. We then left our birds there running to our parents room where we dressed ourselves into our dad's combat/steel toe boots (our dad was in the air force), matched with his camo pants and jackets that had sleeves longer than our arms. We pulled on our dad googles, he worked on the planes so he had googles, we put scarves, we put enough on where the only thing exposed was our noses. My sister handed me the fly swatter and she had a rolled up newspaper, we started to army crawl down the hallway from our parents room to the living room, the moment we got to where the front door was our dad walked in to check on us. We stopped mid-crawl to stare at our dad, 'What are you doing?' My dad asked us. 'Trying to kill the bee.' My sister said as he grabbed the rolled up newspaper from her smacking the bee rest of the way dead for us.

2) The second is, my sister and I have created an entire dance to the song 'Ignition' by R-Kelly. Every christmas, our dad insists that we do it and we are often requested to do it. We are embarrassed about it, but we laugh about it though.

03 June 2011 @ 05:12 pm

Most of you probably don't care but just generally updating this since I've haven't posted in a while.


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28 May 2011 @ 03:33 pm
Have you and/or your friends ever picked nicknames for people without their knowledge? What was the funniest, and why did you choose it?

Yes, my sister and I come up with nicknames and/or symbols for people so we can communicate with each other without them knowing. I would have to say the funniest would have to be the nickname 'Gold digger.' We call this actor gold digger, we work with him at least once a week and he got the name because one time we were singing 'Gold Digger' by Kanye West, we stopped and he continued singing which was epiccaly hilarious. Ever since then, we call him 'Gold Digger' and he has no idea.
19 April 2011 @ 12:54 pm

Lately things have been falling into place and it's come to be the time to set some legit goals and stick with them.

Goal #1: Lose weight. My sister and I have been sticking to a strict diet and have been working out about 5-7 days a week. Working out schedule may change when I start my job next week because my sister and my work schedule won't mesh right so we may have to re-adjust everything but hitting the gym will still be a priority. Thus far, I have lost 7 pounds. We talked it out and have a list of idea weight goals for each event coming up. By May 6th, when we are seeing Ricky Martin perform, I want to lose 5 pounds (reached!). By July 3rd (my birthday AND meeting BSB), lose another 10 pounds. By August 14th (SummerSlam weekend) lose another 5 pounds. By New Years, I want to lose another 20 pounds. Then by March 24 (when we leave to head to Mania 28), I want to lose another 30 pounds. The total then becomes 70 pounds.

Goal #2: Work on my Speech Impediment. I have lived my whole live with a minor speech impediment, and with this once in a lifetime meeting with BSB, it's time for me to correct myself and stop sounding as stupid as I do. I don't want them to think that I'm stupid or misunderstand me, but the chances are I probably won't even speak but still....I'm not only doing it for them, they play a big part though, but to better myself and stop this thing....

Goal #3: By SummerSlam Mania 28 Axxess, I want abs SO I can take a picture with a male superstar where we are both lift our shirts up showing off the abs, how cute would that be? I am trying so hard to get abs, I think that would be such a cute picture or to even walk around in a shirt that shows off the amount of weight I lost. I was thinking maybe Mizzy, A-Ri, Bourne, Orton, Kofi, R-Truth, Morrison or someone that has really defined abs. Don't you think that would be a cute pic?

13 February 2011 @ 07:57 pm
This Wednesday on CBS at 10 the show Criminal Minds:Suspect Behavior is on, which I happened to be in the first episode, and it's my job to promote it so I can perhaps get called back to work it again as an background extra. Look for me! Pictures under the cut!

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