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3 July
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I mainly use this to chat with other peeps about things that interest me. I am very open and outspoken, so if something I say offends you, I'm deeply sorry. I have one older sister that is also on here, mellyweasel83, we both run the mizfits_wwe community on here, which is something we can do together and its bonding time, what other way to bond than over the Miz? I usually post blogs on here that I don't want to post on my MySpace or Facebook because it involves someone on there that I don't want them reading and reviews I write while watching wrestling throughout the week. I like to think I'm very creative, my sister is very creative as well, we have NO idea where we got it from because our parents are FAR from being creative. My parents are divorced, our mom lives in Belguim with her boyfriend, our dad was in the air force for 24 years, and now a civilian at the same base we lived at for 14 years, and he is now remarried so we now have a step mom, two step sisters and a step brother. I want to be a photographer for now, and my long lifetime dream is to be a wrestler. The Hardy Boyz, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, my grandmother, and my sister are my heros and inspiration to me. I have a Myspace page, link below in the webpage section, I have a Facebook, I share a Twitter account and I also have a fanfiction account, but if you want those links just ask.

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